If you want to renegotiate your home loans, you can do it yourself or go through a broker or bank intermediary.

A Real Estate Loan Broker is a professional who saves you time in renegotiating your home loans. He has skills in this area and has been trained for this.

I simulate a credit redemption be remembered

credit redemption

In the renegotiation of a home loan repurchase, the rate is not the only criterion to be taken into account. We must also integrate in the simulation, the duration, the overall cost and the amount of each monthly payment, not to mention the borrower insurance.

To renegotiate your mortgage, the broker can greatly facilitate your efforts and save you time. Indeed, it negotiates or renegotiates more favorable tariff conditions with the banks. Thanks to his network, he knows the right people to contact and knows how to negotiate or prepare an admissible file.

A broker knows how to build quality relationships with the maximum number of banks to obtain the best financial solutions for his clients. It is not tied to a single bank and can offer your file to several institutions. Today it is much easier to contact a banking intermediary via the internet. Many sites offer simulators.

Legal Obligations for Real Estate Loan Redemption Brokers

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The loan consolidation professional must clearly explain the terms of his performance, how does the mandate he has signed … It must also take into account your situation in its entirety, that is why it requires many documents to be provided (bank statements, contract …). From the precise analysis of your situation, it will be able to propose solutions adapted to your situation.

The real estate buyback broker has a duty to advise, which has been strengthened in the Civil Code. The legislator added in 2016 “a general duty of pre-contractual information”. (Art 1112.1 of the Civil Code). The law imposes on the party who knows of decisive information, in direct connection with the content of the contract, to inform the other party. Thus a banking intermediary must warn you “in case of mismatch between the requirements of a party and the product envisaged”, in addition, to simplify to indicate clearly that a repurchase of credit is not possible in certain cases.

Be careful though!

Going through a broker for your home equity buyout also has a cost. You will have to pay a brokerage fee once your file has been accepted by a bank. You can not ask for an advance fee.

There are more and more brokerage firms, especially online. To choose the right broker, you must first of all be approved by the national grouping of the banking intermediaries.

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